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Style Your Quilts With 5 Trendy Block Print Ideas in 2022

Style Your Quilts With 5 Trendy Block Print Ideas in 2022

5 Most Stylish Indian Block Print Ideas to Design Your Quilt in 2022

After a hectic day, your bed is your partner, and it is your right to have a comfortable sleep. Your bedding essentials are vital in uplifting your mood and having a good night's sleep. After all, a good night's sleep is the key to having a productive day.

Your bedding should be not only comfortable but also stylish so that it can enhance the look of your bedroom. A quilt is one bedding essential that can help add style to your bedroom.

A stylishly designed quilt can add style to your bedroom and make it look more inviting and cozy. It can be a great addition to your bedding collection and can also be used as a decorative piece.


Considering your need of having a stylish quilt, we've written this blog post about Indian Block Print Quilts traditionally made in India. Indian block print quilts are available in various designs, colors, and patterns. They are often made with brightly coloured fabrics and patterns.

If you are looking for a stylishly designed quilt, then an Indian block print quilt is a great option. They are unique and beautiful and will add style to your bedroom.

Block printing: Indian Traditional Art

Block printing is a diverse design term that never fails to attract consumers whether they have it in their dresses or home accessories. Indian hand block print quilts are created with carved wooden blocks dipped in vibrant dyes, celebrating the country's rich artistic and cultural past.

Block printing is a printing method that involves pressing and stamping fabric with coloured, carved wooden blocks. Other names for block printing include "hand blocked" and "hand block printing and Woodcut Printing."

Block printing is a long-established and traditional art technique that uses natural colors and vegetable dyes to create prints on fabric, paper, and other materials. It was developed in India many years ago. 

Jaipur, also known as the Pink City of India and the capital of Rajasthan, was established by Jai Singh II and is one of Vidyadhar Bhattacharya's first examples of a planned city in contemporary India.

Jaipur is renowned for its block printing art, in addition to its natural beauty and ancient culture. The exquisite process of block printing involves carving out the necessary designs on the blocks and printing on fabrics with natural dyes.

Each block printing method demands patience, talent, and artistic ability. The culmination of these tasks results in our exquisite block-printed fabrics.

Block Printing History

For more than 500 years, Rajasthan, India, has been practicing the ancient technique of block printing. Block printing was invented in the 12th century, and as the Kings and Queens of that era liked this rich art form of printing on textiles, it became known as having royal patronage. The historic Chhipa Community in Rajasthan's Bagru area created block printing on textiles.

Various printing techniques, including Bagru printing, Sanganeri printing, Kalamkari block printing, Ajrakh printing, and Dabu printing, have been introduced through the generations of block printing on cloth. Block printing in India's two largest centers, Sanganer and Bagru in Rajasthan, is more prevalent than block printing in Jaipur.

5 Most Liked Block Print Quilt Ideas

Indian Block print quilts are very popular nowadays. Numerous products, such as tablecloths, blankets, doona covers, and pillow covers, can be made from block print fabric. Here we have discussed five best block print quilts ideas.

  • Floral Design

  • Floral design block print quilts are great as they add beauty to your bed. Snuggle up with luxury quilts with these beautiful floral prints on it. Floral design looks great on indian block print quilts. These floral block print quilts are colorful and they can be used with any color bed sheet.

  • Blue Dots Block Print Quilt

  • Quilts with blue dots all over look amazing and decent. They can give you a sense of calm as the perfect uniformity in the design provides you satisfaction. It enables you a good sleep with its smooth design and soft texture. You can have this polka design quilt with 100% cotton. Polka design quilts can be used with the same design bedsheet. 

  • Golden Floral Block Print

  • Your bed would look lovely with the quilt, which has a lovely Indian floral pattern in tones of rich pink and gold. 

    The same print is on a white background on the reverse. Indian artisans hand-block printed and hand-stitched this quilt, which is made of 100% cotton voile.

    These rich colors can add an attractive appearance to your overall bedroom. The best way to use this quilt is with the combination of a plain color bedsheet and printed pillow covers.

  •  Anarkali Block Print Quilt

  • The pomegranate blossom, a universal symbol for spirituality and health, is depicted in a traditional Indian pattern on the Anarkali quilt.  Seven different colors of blue are used to manually block print each piece. These stylish designs are a great add to your bed.


  • Red lotus Block Print Quilt

  • Your quilt will look amazing with traditional Indian patterns depicting the lotus flower. It is the universal symbol of purity and enlightenment. The print has a rich, vivid red backdrop on one side. The same print is on a white background on the reverse. 

    Indian artisans hand-block printed and hand-stitched this quilt, which is made of 100% cotton voile. It is wonderfully warm, breathable, and pleasant to the touch.

    You can choose any of the ideas for yourself and enjoy the beautiful quilts.


    Quilts are the first thing that grabs your attention when you enter some room. No matter what your bed looks like. Your quilt will dominate your entire bed. 

    So choosing the right design is necessary for you. As Indian block print quilts are in trend nowadays. We have given you the best ideas for block print designs for your quilt. You can choose anyone and enjoy it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can you wash fabric with block printing?

    Ans. Wash delicately by hand or in a machine set to no more than 30 degrees. Use washing powder or liquid that isn't biological or enzyme-based. Avoid tumble drying—shape by pulling; dry inside-out and away from direct sunlight.

    1. What is the name of Indian block printing?

    Ans. Other names for block printing in India include "Woodblock Printing," "Woodcut Printing," or "Hand block Printing." The fascinating process of block printing involves carving the necessary designs onto the blocks and printing on fabrics with natural dyes.

    1. Does block print lose its color with time?

    Ans. Hand-block printed fabrics require little upkeep and are simple to look after. They may be machine washed and, unless exposed to the sun for an extended period, do not quickly fade.

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