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Quilt Block Patterns: A Comprehensive Guide For Quilters Of All Levels

Quilt Block Patterns: A Comprehensive Guide For Quilters Of All Levels

Design Your Quilt Pattern from Quilt Blocks

Have you ever wondered how a quilt block is made? Or have you ever had to piece anything together for yourself by stitching many pieces of fabric together into a strange shape?

Many people consider quilt blocks to be just a distraction from the sewing machine. If you are like them, you are on a quest to conquer this craft.

This article will help you choose a perfect quilt block pattern and provide some amazing ideas to improve your quilt design.

Quilt Block Patterns: Give Style to Your Quilt

Quilt blocks are the basic building blocks of a quilt, making them perfect as decorative objects that you can use throughout your house or on your patio table. 

They are squares and rectangles, which, when arranged into different configurations, can be used to create a whole bunch of other subjects ranging from abstract art pieces to fun messages and inspiring sayings.

Quilt blocks are the foundation of any good quilt. These simple blocks refer to a centuries-old form, drawing on geographical motifs and geometric designs but also evolving to accommodate new and different shapes.

How to Make a Unique Quilt Block?

Making a perfect and unique quilt block is no easy task. However, the process can be greatly enhanced by taking some time to consider different approaches to design.

Here are some ways that you can do just that!

  • Use a different color scheme

  • A great way to make an already amazing quilt block even more so is to use a different color scheme. 

    Look at your favorite quilt blocks and see if you can find one similar in design but with a different color scheme. This will help you get inspired and develop new ideas for your block.

  • Add a new design element to the block

  • One of the easiest ways to make a unique quilt block is to add a new design element. For example, if you want to make a star block but don't have stars of your own, try adding some polka dots in between or around your squares. 

    Another idea is to change up the size of your blocks by making them larger or smaller.

  • Add a new pattern

  • Sometimes, you may want to keep everything the same except for one change, such as changing all of the blocks from squares to stars. 

    This will help you make your quilt look more unified and uniform, which is very helpful when making a quilt for someone else!

  • Use different fabrics

  • If you're making a quilt block with just two colors of fabric, you can use two different colors in one block or mix them both in one block. You can also choose to use more than two colors if it's something you enjoy doing!

  • Change the size of the quilt block

  • Maybe you already have a large block that's perfect for making another large block out of it, or perhaps you want something smaller in size, either way, there are ways to make smaller versions of larger blocks so that they fit together perfectly!

    Just remember: keep both halves as big as possible while still fitting into each other 


    Most Popular Types of Quilt Blocks

    A block of fabric is one of the most useful components in a quilt. While it may seem like a simple part of creating a quilt, several different types of blocks can give you even more options for what you want to include in your quilt.

    The most common types include:

  • Log Cabin block

  • A log cabin is a type of quilt block that looks like a house with logs on the outside. This quilt block is made up of 4 pieces. 

    The top and bottom are stacked and then sewn together at the corners to form a square shape. 

    Log cabins are made in two colors, usually red and white. They can also be made with different patterns, such as swirls or diamonds.

  • House Quilt Blocks

  • House Quilt blocks are also simple to make but are more elaborate than a log cabin block. You can use any colors you like and various patterns and designs. 

    These blocks are perfect for those who want to create something more complex than a traditional log cabin block.

  • Improv Quilt Block

  • These blocks are made from random scraps of fabric or sometimes even found objects that have been repurposed into a new shape! They tend to be larger than your typical quilt block and take much longer to complete.

  • Autumn Lattice Quilt

  • Autumn Lattice Quilt block comprises alternating rows of blocks with a lattice design. The lattice pattern is filled with an autumn color scheme and depicts leaves, pumpkins, and other fall-themed objects.

  • Island Chain

  • The Island Chain block features chains made up of smaller squares that connect the corners. It's perfect for making your quilt look like it's floating in space!

  • Glacier Star

  • A Glacier Star is a variation of a traditional star block with an added panel of quilt blocks. These are usually two or more blocks with five points each. The blocks are stitched together in rows and columns to make a star form.

    Each block has its charm, from the basic to the unique; known for their simple shapes and variety; quilt blocks are a canvas waiting to be covered in fabric and thread. 

    Create your quilt with any of these most popular types of quilt blocks.


    The quilt block is one of the most basic forms of visual and interactive media. It's even simple enough that it can be made with construction paper and a pair of scissors. 

    Despite their simplicity, the quilt block and its variations have much to offer artists and designers looking for an effective way to organize and present their projects. 

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