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Give An Aesthetic Look To Your Home With Kantha | Studio Amana

Give An Aesthetic Look To Your Home With Kantha | Studio Amana

Give Your Bedroom A Vibrant  Look With a 100% Pure Cotton Kantha Quilt

The delicate yet stunning block print of Kantha quilts will bring warmth, comfort, and style to your bedroom!

Kantha quilts originate from Southern Asia and are among today's most popular home decor ideas. People are buying Kantha products like hotcakes for home decoration in one way or another. 

If you're a fan of traditional Kantha prints and would like to add one to your home, Studio Amna is the place to visit. Studio Amna makes cotton Kantha quilts using hand-block marks. Their artisan hand stitches this masterpiece using the famous and traditional Kantha hand embroidery method. Studio Amna's vintage and delicate will bring coziness and comfort to your home.

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Kantha: A Timeless Piece Of Art

Kantha is one of the most popular rural women in east Asia embroidery, particularly in India and Bangladesh. Often, it is used to make simple quilts or Nakshi Kantha.

A vintage Kantha quilt comprises 2-3 layers of recycled Indian saris. These could either be cotton fabrics or silk fabrics. They are usually covered with running stitches featuring a variety of floral, bird, animal, shape and everyday activities designs. Kantha embroidery is also used to embellish scarves, bags, mirror covers, boxes, pillows, etc.

The story behind Kantha Quilt

Handmade Kantha quilts originated centuries ago with some very resourceful women. Poor women in rural west Bengal in India gathered soft parts of their old cotton saris and stitched them with all-over running stitches to make blankets for their babies. 

This unique stitch was called Kantha, leading to the creation of handmade Kantha quilts. The best thing about vintage or handmade Kantha quilts is their ease of repair, especially their loose and uneven threads, which add a lot of character to the throws. They are a beautiful and refreshing alternative to mass-produced machine-made Kantha throws.

Different Patterns Of Kantha Quilts 

The beauty of Indian craftsmanship has been recognized and accepted internationally through this beautiful handcraft. Vintage Indian cotton bedspreads are available in different types;

  • Lep Kantha quilts

  • Lep Kantha quilts are much larger quilts used mostly during the winter season in places with severe winters. These king-size Kantha quilts have seven layers. Many lep Kantha quilts are patterned or designed geometrically. Trees and plants are prominently featured as motif designs.

  • Sujni Kantha quilt

  • Sujni Kantha quilts are generally four and a half feet wide and six feet long. It is frequently used as a bedspread for guests to sit on or lie on. A sujni Kantha quilt usually has a lotus motif in the center and a border decorated with various plants and flowers. This block print quilt is an excellent example of Bengali embroidery. 

  • Shawl Kantha quilt

  • With only two layers of fabric, this Indian block print quilt has a floral and plant motif in the center and rows of decorative embroidery along the border. Shawl Kantha quilts are usually used to wrap the body.

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    The Ultimate Making Of Kantha Quilt

    Kantha means rags in Sanskrit. But these block print Indian bedspreads aren't usually made from rags. They are made from old saris and other discarded fabrics. The original purpose of these Indian block print bedspreads was to keep people warm while repurposing old material. 

    Their running stitch is a very simple, straight one. The patterns usually create a sense of creativity, spontaneity, originality, and emotion. It was often embroidered with designs that told stories, expressed wishes, and indicated the maker of Kantha quilts, similar to quilting traditions in the United States.

    The Best Options To Style A Kantha Quilt

    Kantha makes inspiring accent pieces. The bright colors, interesting patterns, and unique stitching of your blanket will catch visitors' attention. The rich colors will stand out when layered on top or draped over the end of a bed. You can achieve the same look if you have an upholstered chair or couch.

     A studio Amna Kantha quilt can add warmth and richness into a room following a strict minimalist aesthetic - unlike a harsh accent wall or a piece of furniture that might feel aggressive or out of place. 

    It may be easier to incorporate vintage Indian cotton bedspreads into your home design if you already have a laid-back, bohemian style. These blankets are natural alternatives to tablecloths thanks to their pretty patterns. These vintage Indian cotton bedspreads are ideal for picnics, beach days, movie nights in the park, or other outdoor adventures. 

    4 Reasons Why People Love Kantha Quilts

    There are many reasons why you should consider buying and using the amazing Kantha quilts in your home. A few of them are listed below:

    • Sleeping in Kantha is amazing

    Children in rural areas of India used Kantha quilts mainly to keep warm during the cold winters. Block print Indian bedspreads are one of the most comfortable fabrics to use during the cool winter. Further, Kantha has a beautiful and elegant design.

    • Kantha bedsheets are trendy

    If you are looking for bedsheets that are good-looking and elegant, Indian block print bedspreads are a perfect choice. Decorate your bedroom with beautiful, vibrant and colorful Kantha bedsheets from Studio Amna and take your bedroom to the next level. 

    • Kantha is perfect for table setting

    A Kantha table setting is a great way to give your dining room a unique and different look and to decorate it. The Kantha table setting will surely catch the attention of everyone when your cutlery is arranged over it.

    • Kantha can be used as a Pillow Cover

    Kantha cushion covers will surely give your old boring couch a new look. You can easily weave Kantha patterns onto naked pillows to enhance their beauty and make your décor more classy and elegant. It is also possible to turn an old Kantha quilt into stunning block print pillow covers by using it. 

    Buy A Kantha Quilt From Studio Amana

    Are you looking for a vintage cotton Kantha quilt? You can't go wrong with Studio Amana. Our collection of Kantha quilts features vibrant prints and patterns. Buying Kantha patterns from Studio Amana will fill your home and wardrobe with light and life.

    Studio Amana offers a unique human experience with innovative, well-designed Kantha quilts. With their rich history, vibrant colors, and exceptional warmth, you'll be a convert in no time. 

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